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Wonderful river and fly fishermen

Les sens de la rivière

Fly Fishing Instructor
| Réunion Island / Alps / Verdon |

Kévin chambon

Your Fly Fishing Guide

The project "Les Sens de la Rivière" comes from the need to connect back humans to their surrounding nature. This name has multiple meanings and invites fly fishermen to seat back to seize the essence of the places they interact with and to sharpen their senses to capture the fish of their dreams.

Whether you are interested in the Reunion Island or the Verdon canyon, I will guide you through both regions sharing my secret spots and experience for you to enjoy the best of this wild and pristine nature.

As a certified fly fishing instructor, I teach the different technics of fly fishing (dry fly, nymph, wet fly, streamer, approaches to new waters, blind fishing, sight fishing, euro nymphing...) on both fresh and salt waters. Whatever your fly fishing projects, I will adapt my skills to help you improve your fishing and reach your objectives.

Please contact me for further information.

Looking forward to meeting you.


Kevin Chambon, fly fishing instructor
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